Alec’s Toy Story Bedroom

When we finally decided to switch Alec over from his toddler bed to his “big boy” bed I did crazy research. We wanted a bed that would last him for years but still was age appropriate for him. We were scared if we got him a bunk bed, that he would want to climb down at night or trip over the stairs. It was a while before we finally decided on our Pottery Barn Treehouse Bunk Bed but when it arrived, we realized instantly it was perfect. The lower bed portion is flat on the floor in case he rolled off, the ladder for the top bunk was removable, it fit the overall modern design of his room and most importantly it looked SUPER FUN!!

We had high hopes it would help us convince Alec, that this would be awesome for sleeping in his room the whole night…it didn’t. We can still dream, right? See what I did there? Cheesy. I know. lol.

Treehouse Bunk Bed: Bedding:

For the decor, Alec’s obsessed with Toy Story and thankfully Pottery Barn rolled out their new Toy Story Bedding collection just in time. His baby nursery already had a modern scandi/night sky theme, so we went with that and just incorporated some modern Toy Story “space” touches.

To make it more “in theme,” I added some Toy Story printables I bought off Etsy to finish off the black Ikea frames I had on his shelves (linked below) and I added in some accents like this spaceship lamp and height decal from amazon to finish off the look.

Lamp: Removable Height Decal:

This is was my Inso for the shelves and I went with it. Included the Etsy link for purchase below:

And here is a second image you can print for free in 8×10 just drag and drop.


Hope you enjoyed my room makeover and if you have a Toy Story obsessed little one like me, I hope I helped give you some ideas for your own toddler to big boy bed conversion.

xx -G

One last note on the mattress: We wanted a mattress that would be comfortable enough to last him for years to come. After trying out a few, we went with a Casper Hybrid Twin Mattress and it’s honestly, hard to believe that a mattress that comes in a box is this comfortable. As parents that have had to sleep thru the night with him to get him to stay in his room, this one is definitely a lifesaver.