Vera’s Boho Floral Nursery

When we were pregnant with Vera, we had no idea what we were expecting. Since she was our second baby, we chose to keep it a surprise from everyone (including us) until birth. It was truly an amazing experience, but that isn’t obviously ideal for putting together a baby room…I’m going to go with that excuse, as the reason why it took me almost a year to finish her nursery. lol.

More than anything, I want to say what really took me the longest was picking out the perfect wallpaper. I must’ve ordered at least a dozen samples, but when I finally saw this one I knew it was definitely the right pick. I wish would’ve had someone point me in the right direction for nursery wallpaper back then, I remember doing so much research, so I’m including also a link for my very close second choice from here: Rocky Mountain Decals. I found they had some of the best selections for wallpapers in case you are also on the hunt, maybe I can help save you some time.

For her room, I knew I wanted mix of textures between glam and boho. And I knew more than anything, that I wanted one of those gold vintage style cribs but I also knew that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on another crib. Luckily I found this one on Amazon that looked great without breaking the bank. It’s sold out now but here is a link for a very similar version: HERE.

I added an acrylic name plate from Etsy and gave it a whimsical feel with the Spinkie Baby Canopy that could later turn into a small reading nook when she got older.

Spinkie Baby Canopy in Champagne

I loved reading as a kid so a love of reading is something I wanted to instill in them from very young, so to create that cozy reading corner feeling I added this cube storage which makes it easily accessible for them to pick out books they want me to read and also provides extra toy storage space. Because I was trying to make Vera’s cube storage look more “boho” I went with some wicker storage boxes to mix that in and finished off the room with a flower rattan mirror I found in Hobby Lobby that I hung over the changing table.

Hope this helps, if you are still decorating your little girl’s nursery. And let me know how long did it really take you to finish your child’s nursery room?