Alec’s Dino Beach Bash

Alec turned 4 in August of 2020. At the height of Miami’s Covid cases. When we booked a beach house for our family to celebrate his birthday in May, we had no idea that COVID would still be around and much less to the extent that it was. We were worried but we all strictly quarantined. We took tests, we packed up the car and we created a family “bubble” and the result was the best 4th birthday week we could’ve ever given Alec.

We spent a week on Anna Maria Island and we loved every bit of this little West Coast of Florida Island’s charm. The island is easy to get to, family friendly and they have a good amount of beachfront home rentals, which was exactly what we were looking for.

For his “birthday party” we decorated the night before so that when the kids woke up they found Dino Tails and Caps for them to play and discovered dinosaur footprint decals that lead them to the “surprise.”

I setup an “Explorer Table” complete with Dino Gift bags and Safari hats and surprised them by taking them on a Dinosaur Hunt in the sand.

I had setup some Dino dig tape for a Dino Dig site with toys and little knick knacks and Dino fossils sand molds that we buried and they enjoyed their morning searching for Giant Dino Eggs filled with dinos that “grew” when you added water, Dino water squirts and Dinosaur Fossil sand molds.

We set up the outside with Dinosaur inflatables I found on Amazon and used Removable Decals to decorate the walls. I also found adorable Dino kids beach chairs that fit the theme perfectly.

An adopt your own Dino table was setup so that the kids could paint their own Dino and take him home. And we set up the pool with ride on Dino inflatables and smaller Dino pool inflatables that doubled as decorations.

I wanted a modern Dino look for the party so I used Aqua, Orange Navy and Green as the main colors for the Cake table and had these cute little custom Dinos painted by That Girly Dinosaur to add on to Alec’s Modern Dino Cake made by local Miami Baker: Patty Cakes. We used a nautical table runner to complete the Dino pool party feel.

Last but not least his uncle, was forced volunteered, to come in a T-Rex costume and dance with the kids making it the highlight of the party.

All in all it was a “Roar” of a Party given the circumstances. And this little Party Animal enjoyed it to the fullest.