Christmas 2020 Mood Boards

My OCD gets out of control around this time of the year. I start seeing all of the Christmas Decor and holiday trends and I feel like I need to put all my design thoughts into one mood board to help me decide what direction I am going with all of my ideas. It takes me forever to pick and even longer to find everything to go with the look. And by the time I’m ready to put it all up, I’m halfway through December.

This year, I put all those thoughts into a much more organized version and I’m sharing it with you so you wouldn’t suffer through the process. For the record, it still took me just as long as it always does but at least for your sake, I already did all the leg work.

Whimsical Pastel Christmas

Pastel. Pastel is everywhere right now. I’ve been on the hunt for inspo on this tree for so long now and there is nothing. This was probably the hardest look for me to put together because it took forever to source and literally drained me of my creative juices. But here it is! The colour palette is all about pinks, soft blues and greens and greenery.

Rose gold Christmas Wreath

Ribbon: Pink Luxe Velvet, Vintage Blush *not pictured Whispering Pink Pearl Edged *not pictured

Pine Green Balls similar ones: here

Pampas Floral

Sterling Blue Wood Bead Garland

Assorted Bottle Brush Trees: Blush (more colors found at target), Green

White Ceramic Houses

LED Mint Ceramic Trees (not pictured)

Pommed Monogram Stockings

Similar Stockings with a classic color scheme: here

8″ Tabletop Gnome

Rose Gold Disco Balls

Antibacterial Ornament

Woven Tree Collar

Similar tree collar: here

Countdown Garland

Felt Mushroom Ornaments

1″ Round Pastel Multi Glass Balls

Bulk Shatterprooof Metallc Ornaments

Throw pillows: Colorful Christmas Trees Pillow

Updated Red and Pink Christmas

I’ve been feeling the pink trend. I’ve been feeling it since Halloween but I have boys in the house (my husband and son) and my 4 year old boy in particular is in a stage where he wants to make sure he’s not getting any of his sister’s pink decorations. So, I came up with this board by giving the classic red Christmas an “updated” feel by adding in some pink accents. I mixed in some wood and gingerbread decor along with some nostalgic retro deers and ornaments to keep this holiday look on trend and voila. A Christmas look that probably won’t break the bank (as much) since chances are you at least have some red stuff in storage. This style also works with a wine color red or Burgundy ornaments mixed with pink ornaments.

Stockings: Pink and Red

Modern Birch Tags (for stockings or gifts) *not pictured

Wired Red and Pink Ribbon

Demi Village Wired Wreath

Tree Collar

Bottle Brush Trees: Red and Pink Pack

Small Retro Reindeer Ornaments (*these are really mini versions)

Medium Blush Tonal Balls Set

Gingerbread House in Cloche Glass Ornaments

Gingerbread Nutcracker

Happy Holiyays Throw Pillow

Gnome Pom Garland

Gnome Advent Calendar

Copper Tones Christmas

About 2 weeks ago, I got the CB2 holiday catalogue. The cover was the image on the bottom right. My creative gears instantly starting grinding imagining a rust, copper, mustard themed Christmas. I mixed metals for this look and added some natural wood and greenery to still give it a warm feel.

Treetops Glisten Ornament Set

Natural Nutcracker

Wood Garland

Holly Pommed Monogram Ornaments

Bottle Brush Trees: Green

Rosé Ornament – the one pictured is from Anthropologie and just recently sold out but here is a similar one

Tree Collar similar one: here and another one: here

Christmas Balls

Luxe Knit Monogrammed Stocking

Pre-Lit Faux Magnolia and Pomegranate Garland

Felt Mushroom Ornaments

Feather Grey Wreath

Burnt Orange Balls

Modern Scandinavian Christmas

For the first time ever, I got the kids their own Christmas Trees. Alec is SO excited. Vera is just happy she has something in her room she can destroy (actually maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, lol). When I got the trees I had all these awesome design ideas for kid’s trees…then I realized this was his tree. Alec, wants a Grinch tree this year. We’ve only watched the movie about 175 times since Nov 1, so I guess it makes sense. Somehow, I’ll find way to work the Grinch ornaments into this modern tree design and share sometime next week, but for now this the deep jeweled blue and green toned tree, I would’ve done if I didn’t have to work in a character. I also added some inspo for these little pennants that have been showing up everywhere lately. I plan to DIY these later this month on the blog because they are actually always sold out.


Tartan Ribbon and this Black White Buffalo Check Ribbon works too.

Rolls Royce Tabletop

White Bottle Brush Trees

Playful Pom Ribbon is a good size if you are doing a mini tree.

White Houses Ornaments

Copper Christmas Balls Set

Turquoise Stocking

Target has a great collection for the Modern Scandinavian theme, check out some of the finds from there, like all of these below:

Hope this helps and Happy Shopping!

Let me know if you are doing any of these themes!