DIY Christmas Outdoor Mat

Making one of these mats has been on my TO DO List for a while now, but when I saw an Etsy listing for an ornament that read “Baby it’s COVID Outside,” I instantly go an idea to make it into this year’s Christmas mat. I included the materials you will need below, along with a link for this design that I made and a couple of pointers that I wish I knew beforehand.

Materials:Coir Mat: I linked one from Amazon HERE

Outdoor Acrylic Paint: Here is the one I used for the RED. I actually couldn’t find and any outdoor acrylic white paint that would arrive in time – so I used our Exterior House Paint and mixed that with the red for the pink too. The house paint worked as well, but I definitely liked the acrylic craft paint better; it didn’t run as much.

Stencil Brush: I bought a pack like THIS for the brushes and actually used different sizing according to the part of the stencil. But there are definitely single brush options to buy if you don’t want to buy the whole pack.

UV Clear Spray: This is for sealing the rug. I linked the one I used HERE.

Cricut: I used my Cricut to cut out the design I made more precisely. I included the design files in a downloadable link below.

Cricut 20 x 24 Mat: I used THIS mat because the format is large enough for the size of stencil I was making.

Cricut Stencil Vinyl: I used THIS thinking it would work best, but after research I heard Freezer paper like THIS worked better. It was honestly, tricky to get the stencil paper from sticking to each other so I would probably try the freezer paper if I ever did another one.

Thumbtacks or Push Pins: I didn’t think was necessary until I started painting and I wish I knew that sooner. I uses THESE pins to pin down the entire design exactly where you want it to go, because they had a small head and so that they would secure the stencil in place; this and the stencil brush are definite MUSTS.

To make it easier to recreate this rug on your own, I included the PNG files I design for you to upload to Cricut Design Space. I grouped them in cut order. All you will you need to do is resize them according to your mat.

Let me know how it turns out. Happy Crafting!