Catching Coronas: A Covid Bride’s Makeup Mexican Bachelorette

It’s March 11, 2020. The world had just shut down. All of us were going into quarantine and our best friend’s bachelorette was scheduled for the following week. A month after that, we had our whole party booked on a cruise for her wedding and one by one all those plans were shattered.

One year later, we would’ve never dreamed we would still be flying to her postponed bachelorette party in masks, but here we were. And in an effort to poke some laughs at the all around bad situation, it only seemed appropriate that we would make a theme out of it. So the hashtag became #catchingcoronas because what other beer to do you drink on your Mexican vacation?

I used my Cricut to create some easy personalized tumblers and spruced up some of round rattan bags we bought on Amazon. We added a little banner I created and setup a little bar for her, which of course included some Corona Beer.

I used some Cricut faux leather and a glue gun to attach our one initial on the bags so we could use them after the trip and added a tassel keychain to finish up the boho look.

For the tumblers I used some Cricut permanent vinyl and simply stuck those on to the bottles that we later used all trip to make our own drinks.

We added little welcome kits filled with sunglasses, themed disposable masks, some Emergen C packs and of course some Advil and Immodium packs…because we were going to Mexico, after all.

The final piece was a hazmat suit that we personalized and obviously only used for pictures, for the bride that was determined not to catch anything before flying back home.

We had a good laugh and even if it was a year later, we were all more than grateful we were lucky enough to be able to makeup our postponed plans.

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