A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for every kind of Mom

Every year Mother’s Day rolls around and my husband asks me what I want and to be honest, other than sleep and just a stress free day, I really have no idea what to ask for. This year, I decided to ask a few of my fellow moms for some ideas on what they would want for Mother’s Day and here’s what we came up with.

Check out my guide to what Mom’s really want — according to the 10 different kinds of moms we all know and love. And yes, you have my permission to pass this list on to your significant other.

Wink. Wink.

For the mom with ADD:

You’ve seen her walking around the house. She opens the refrigerator door, then remembers she left the front door open, then heads over to clean up the mess the kids made on the floor. She’s the queen of multitasking but and can’t keep track of all of her things, especially not her cellphone. This case from Casetify comes with a crossbody chain that’s long enough to wear but also easy to spot in between couch pillows. The cases come in different colors and can be personalized, so there’s no mistaking whose phone it is when it’s randomly found…which is most likely somewhere in the refrigerator.

For the Neat Freak mom:

Her entire baby registry was all neutral colors. Her laundry detergents are in clear labeled bottles and her pantry is impeccable but she had no idea what was in store once all kid toys started piling up. Life’s running at a million miles an hour now and there isn’t enough time to organize it herself, but seeing a clean and organized space is what truly makes her happy.

If you are local to Miami, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. We talked to Jessica from Thoughtfully Organized and gives you a consult, uses or purchases any storage items that may be necessary on a case by case situation and does all the organization for you. Service packages range from home or office organization, design and decoration packages and even home staging if you are thinking of selling your home. Services run on an hourly basis and if you mention PouParty you receive 10% off her services. *Offer Valid for services booked before Jan 2022.

For the Mom that is Dead Tired:

She hasn’t had a full night’s sleep since 2016. The kids still wake up at the crack of dawn, she’s done her third day’s laundry in a row because the sheets are peed sheets…again, and she’s barely running on coffee fumes. All she wants is one full night’s sleep with no interruptions, but let’s be real she’ll settle for a Netflix day alone in her room with a box of Oreos and uninterrupted nap. Gift that day to her (please) plus make her future night’s sleep (and under eye circles) better, with one of these silk pillowcases that is said to be an anti-aging, antisleep crease, antibed head pillowcase that’s like an eight-hour beauty treatment every night.

Want to add more to that gift? Throw in a set of comfy pjs like one of these super affordable but still great quality sets from Stars Above. Here’s 2 options I’m loving: this tie-dye shorts set or your can do a more traditional silky short sleeve set. If she’s more of a sleep shirt girl, check out these ultra comfy “cooling nights” sleep shirt pjs. They even have a matching little girl’s set option for some mommy and me matching. And if you’re looking for more of a “jogger style” these ultra soft Simply Vera Wang set comes in a cute pink animal print and is sure to help her have the most restful sleep ever. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

For the Sentimental Mom:

She keeps everything as a memory for her kids when they are older. Her phone storage space is at capacity and she’s the one always starting the photo sharing stream…because she took all the pictures at the party.

Make this mom’s day extra special with a film she can create from Isbelle Films. They create beautiful 1-15 minute films from the videos you already have on your phone and even have a Yearbook membership for monthly films. Perfect for a mom that never did their baby’s first year album, a special Family trip recap or a Grandma that has videos of all her grandkids on her cellphone but never knows what to do with them. Visit their website and use my code: PouParty to get 10% off your purchase. *discount code is not applicable for yearbook films.

For the Hard to gift Mom:

She’s got it all. And what she doesn’t have she just goes out and buys herself. She never really has a gift that she asks for because she really doesn’t need anything. This is probably the hardest Mom to gift but you really can’t really ever go wrong with some luxury candles that make your house smell like you’re instantly on vacation.

The Hotel Collection makes candles in sizes ranging from standard to huge, as well as, reed and room diffusers and room sprays that all come in scents inspired by actual hotels. And they smell pretty damn amazing. My favorite smells are definitely “My Way” inspired by the 1 Hotel and “Black Velvet” inspired by The Edition. Visit their site here and use my code GISSELLE20 for 20% off your purchase.

For the Mom that deserves to Relax:

Her calendar is always full. I’m talking about like even during the thick of quarantine it was hard to find a good “social” zoom meeting time with her, full. Her “moms night out” has to be scheduled 3 months out and between juggling work, cooking, cleaning, tending to the kids, attending family commitments and kid’s birthday parties, she never gets a break. Help this Mom just relax already with a spa day. If you’re a local, you can look into a spa day at the brand new fully-renovated 4,400-square ft Spa at Baia Beach Club that just opened in February. She can use the spa services and then book reservations for lunch with a view at the new Baia Beach Restuarant overlooking the bay.

Can’t get to a spa? Bring the spa home. Get her one of these Theragun Elite everyone is ranting and raving about. There are several models but this is said to be one of the quietest and most effective at relieving deep tissue pain and muscle tension from all that stress she carries with just a few minutes of use. Not sure if you want to spend that much? Try the Sharper Image Power Boost, a more economic alternative that it still gets the job done.

If none of those will work, you can always help her “wine down” with one of these “Mommy Juice” Wine Glasses or Tumblers and pick up a bottle of her favorite wine.

She’ll definitely appreciate it at her girl’s night…3 months from now.

For the Mom that lives in Workout Clothes:

Leggings are her uniform. Her jeans have no idea what they did to her to deserve this kind of treatment but she avoids them at all cost. You can usually find her with a coffee in hand, in a matching sports bra, and a pair of cool sneakers even if she’s not getting on her Peloton that day. This mom would definitely appreciate a new upgrade to her regular wardrobe.

Check out these buttery soft biker shorts, which are perfect for spring/summer hotter temps and came in a variety of colors and lengths. Add in a light windbreaker like this one or this one that she can throw over anything and make it look like she actually tried (even though she really just wants to be comfortable) and you’ve gotten her a new outfit to add into her rotation.

Not sure if she’d like of any those? You really can’t go wrong with a new pair of sneakers for this mom. Check out these Adidas NMD’s that are sure to go with nearly everything or if you want to really splurge these Gucci sneakers come in high or low top and will make any legging outfit look “Sporty, but make it Fashion.”

For the Mom that is obsessed with staying young:

She has a daily morning and night skin routine that she manages to never miss. She knows all of the latest anti-aging treatments and what they are used for and she follows every Dermatologist’s Instagram account. She preaches about using sunscreen and chances are, she already knows all about anything you choose to gift her but it doesn’t mean she’ll complain if she receives it. Add to this mom’s collection with this limited edition La Mer Cream Set or this Sunday Riley Anti-Aging Night Routine kit.

If you’re looking for a bigger gift, you can always gift her a Hydrafacial (a patented facial aimed at keeping your skin young and hydrated) or a get her a gift card to retouch her Botox at her favorite med spa or her regular Derm’s office.

Trust me, they will definitely be appreciate it.

For the Mom whose hair is always in a bun:

She has great hair, I promise you. She just never has the time to get a blowout. She carefully calculates when she will actually have time to wash and dry it. After all, she has to consider all the factors: should she wash it before or after her workout? Should she wash it at night instead? If she does that, then she may wakeup the baby. Maybe she should wait for date night, surely the dry shampoo can let her extend for another day? Make this mom’s hair routine that much faster and easier with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. It cuts your hair dry time nearly in half and is light and super easy to handle.

Not sure you want to spend that much? Gift her this Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Brush which makes blowouts look like a professional did it every time and best of all it’s under $50.

And if it’s any help I have them both and love them both equally.

For the Trendy Mom

She’s a mom but she’s a cool mom. She still keeps up with the latest fashion trends and celebrity news. Her middle part started a few years ago and she’s always game to learn all the Tik Tok dances with her kids. She wants something that is meaningful but still on trend. Check out this Maya Brennar Necklace that has been seen on celebs like Mila Kunis and Megan Markle. Customize it to fit all of the Initials that are close to her heart or add in a birthstone or charm to give it some extra sparkle.

If you aren’t looking to spend that much but still looking for some customized jewelry, these delicate stackable name rings can be personalized with each child’s name and run between $30 – $40 each and will still make any trendy mom happy.

For Every Mom:

If all else fails and you still can’t find anything she’d like, you can always send her some flowers. Although, I will be honest, it actually pains me to receive an expensive flower bouquet delivery because I know it will be something that we just throw away so quickly.

If this sounds like a mom you know, check out these Venus et Fleur Flower arrangements made in beautiful Parisian hat box-inspired vases and the best part is they last for at least a year. They are pricey but so are most flower arrangements; at least these make you feel it was a flower delivery that was worth it.

Happy Gifting! And let me know if I missed anything. I would love to know what was on your list?

XO , -G

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