Elf Letter Arrival Printables plus an easy DIY Elf pennant flag

I just realized tomorrow is December 1st and also Elf Arrival Day. It snuck up on me this year.

I realized this last night and as I looked through the pictures of our Elf antics last year and their reactions, it made me realize exactly why I signed up for almost a month of no sleep. Ironically, some of the ones they loved most were the simplest gesture ones where the elf just moved and maybe wrote something or stole some toy of theirs. I also tied the Elf to activities or places we were already going, which made it easier for me.

I’ll be posting some of my ideas this year soon, especially since Vera, our little one has an Elf arriving for the first time the year, but in the meantime I included a generic version of our arrival letter from last year and updated return elf letters for for free in the link below.

I also included a printable for the super easy paper pennant flag our Elf arrived with. All you need is print it out and glue it around a cut paper straw, a coffee stirrer, a bamboo skewer or any stick you can find around the house. Top it with a little ribbon if you like — and you’ve got a super easy little pennant flag for your elf.

How are your Elves arriving? Send me some of your own ideas too!

Download your Arrival Letter here: