Graduation Book Gift

Oh the places they’ll go! ✨🎓 📚

Graduation season is around the corner and we started this book gift in preschool and plan to continue it throughout the school years. 

The idea is to have all their teachers sign a little note, so that when they get older they can see all the ways these special educators helped shaped their lives. You then hand the book over to them as a gift at graduation. 

I’m not really sure where the idea originally came from but Alec’s Aba is an educator and she gifted us the books after she had seen it done at her school — and I loved the idea. 

I added this cute printable note (for boy or girl) with some yarn to add on with the explanation of the idea and instructions for their teachers to sign — and I included them below for free download. 

Let me know if you print one for your kiddo, and remember even if you think it may be too late, you can always have teachers from prior years sign and date. 💙

You can also purchase the book here: Dr Seuss Book