The Elf is Back! Some advice: Make sure you remember their names + grab your free elf arrival letters.

Alec came home and told me his elf is supposed to arrive December 1st…less than 24 hours before it was actually December 1st. I was obviously not prepared. Things have been so busy over here, I hadn’t even noticed the date and when I did I had zero plans to start then. Nonetheless, my child insisted that December 1st was THE date the elves come. So, here I am.

I scrambled, and did what every good Mom does, I pulled a Target run. I grabbed a DIY Santa’s workshop coloring box and set that up with some markers for our GRAND ELF ARRIVAL.

It was a hit… until they realized one Elf’s name was wrong. I forgot one of our elves is named SKITTLES…not SPRINKLES. Fun times, explaining that one.

Needless to say, I will be crafting up some glasses for our girl elf tonight… because obviously the only logical explanation is that she made a mistake on her name because she could not see clearly without them.

In the meantime, if you are a last minute scrambler (like me) and your elves have not arrived yet, I included some free elf arrival printables below. Download some. Make your life easier. They are all generic. Don’t be like me, who forgets the Elf’s name.

Happy Elfing!